Best Drinks at Dutch Bros in 2024

Dutch Bros offers a variety of drinks in their coffee shop, including coffee, energy drinks, and sweet milkshakes. They have more than 50 drink flavors on their menu, including 37 secret menu drinks.

Here, you will find a list of all the best drinks at Dutch Bros. We have made this list based on customer experiences.

Drink ItemPrice ($)
Golden Eagle Breve$5.00-$7.00
Snickers Mocha$4.50-$6.50
White Zombie Mocha$4.50-$6.50
Flap Jack Breve$5.00-$7.00
Mangonada Rebel$4.00-$6.00
Rebel Vampire Slayer$4.00-$6.00
Electric Berry Rebel$4.00-$6.00
Ninja Dutch Frost$4.50-$6.50
Churro Freeze$4.50-$6.50
Birthday Cake Dutch Frost$4.50-$6.50
Aquaberry Rebel$4.00-$6.00
OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda$3.50-$5.50
Shark Attack Rebel$4.00-$6.00
Dutch Bros Best Drink Items

Best Coffee-Based Drinks

Dutch Bros offers a variety of coffee drinks for their customers. Here are some of the most popular coffee drinks on their menu.

1. Golden Eagle Drink

Dutch Bros Golden Eagle drink is prepared using a blend of vanilla and caramel flavors, covered with a caramel drizzle. They offer both hot and iced versions, depending on customer preference.

Why is it popular? Its sweet flavor combined with a creamy and smooth texture makes it the most famous drink among customers. It’s a perfect choice if you are looking for an indulgent beverage.

2. Snickers Mocha

The Snickers Mocha at Dutch Bros is another delicious coffee, it tastes like the popular candy bar, made with caramel and hazelnut syrups, chocolate milk, and coffee. It contains 262 calories or (1097 kJ).

Why is it best? It’s the best drink for chocolate lovers because of its sweet and rich flavor. Prices vary by location and size, but you can enjoy it from $4.00 to $5.50

3. White Zombie Mocha

White Zombie Mocha at Dutch Bros is a sweet coffee drink containing chocolate milk, white chocolate syrup, and vanilla syrup. It is the best drink for those who enjoy sweeter mochas.

Cost? You can enjoy it for $4 to $6, it’s an affordable treat with about 300-400 calories in a medium size, perfect for a flavorful and indulgent coffee experience.

4. Flap Jack

Flap Jack Breve at Dutch Bros is a cozy coffee drink containing salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla syrup with coffee and half-and-half.

Why It’s Famous? It is popular for its comforting pancake-like flavors.

Price: You can enjoy it for around $4 to $6, which contains about 300-400 calories in a medium size. They have small, medium as well as large sizes.

Best Energy Drinks

5- Mangonada Rebel

Mangonada Rebel is a special drink at Dutch Bros prepared with a Rebel energy drink with the tasty tang of mangonada, topped with strawberry and Tajín spice.

Small Iced Mangonada Rebel230
Medium Blended Mangonada Rebel280
Large Blended Mangonada Rebel340
Mangonada Rebel Calories

6- Vampire Slayer

Dutch Bros Vampire Slayer is another famous energy drink that is prepared using fruity flavors of strawberry and pomegranate with their special Rebel energy drink.

Cost: Vampire Slayer price varies with locations but you can enjoy it from $2.25 to $5.25 (depending on size).

Calories: You can get 200-300 calories for a medium one.

Size: Available in Dutch Bros’ regular small, medium, and large sizes.

Best Frosts and Freezes

7- Churro Freeze

Churro Freeze at Dutch Bros is a tasty blend of caramel coffee. It’s the best choice for you if you like churros and coffee.

Price: It varies on various things like size, location, etc. But you can enjoy it between $4 to $6.

Calories: For a medium serving, you’re looking at around 250-350 calories, depending on size and ingredients.

Size: Available in small, medium, and large sizes, so you can pick the size that suits you best.

Seasonal & Limited Time Drinks

In 2024, Dutch Bros offer a variety of seasonal and limited-time drink items, such as the Mangonada Rebel, Churro Freeze, and Watermelon Fizz. These special items are typically announced or available on occasions like Eid or other special events.

Here are some types of Limited Time Drinks:

  • Dutch Luv Beverages: During the Love season, Dutch Bros offers drinks like frosted sugar cookies, berries, and Rebel energy drinks with a pink Soft Top.
  • Holiday Drinks: Festive drinks are also available during holidays, often including protein-packed drinks, cold brews, and special beverages.
  • Secret Menu Items: This category features a wide range of flavorful drinks, including the Bob Marley and Golden Eagle Breve, among others.

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