Dutch Bros Calories (July 2024)

Dutch Bros is a popular coffee chain known for its wide variety of flavorful drinks, ranging from strong espressos to fruity smoothies. For health-conscious customers, it’s important to know how many calories are in these drinks.

Knowing the calorie content can help people make smart choices, especially when trying to maintain a balanced diet or monitor daily calorie intake.

9-1-2001Blended1 Serving980760540
9-1-2001Hot1 Serving650510370
9-1-2001Iced1 Serving510370250
AftershockBlended1 Serving570410260
AftershockIced1 Serving380240190
AmericanoHot1 Serving201010
AmericanoIced1 Serving201010
AnnihilatorBlended1 Serving930720520
AnnihilatorHot1 Serving640560420
AnnihilatorIced1 Serving550470330
Birthday CakeBlended1 Serving950720500
Caramel Dutch CocoaHot1 Serving740620500
CaramelizerBlended1 Serving990780560
CaramelizerHot1 Serving680590450
CaramelizerIced1 Serving560470330
Cinnamon Swirl Oat Milk LatteHot1 Serving430380290
Cinnamon Swirl Oat Milk LatteIced1 Serving330290200
Cocomo Dutch FreezeBlended1 Serving920730
CocomoBlended1 Serving940730510
CocomoHot1 Serving630540400
CocomoIced1 Serving510420280
Cold Brew KickerToasted1 Serving180
Cold Brew, AnnihilatorIced1 Serving180170170
Cold Brew, AnnihilatorToasted1 Serving180180180
Cold Brew, CaramelizerIced1 Serving310310300
Cold Brew, CaramelizerToasted1 Serving220210210
Cold BrewIced1 Serving20
Cold Brew, KickerIced1 Serving380370370
Cold Brew, KickerToasted1 Serving190180
Cold Brew, ToastedToasted1 Serving20
Cold Brew, White MochaIced1 Serving280280270
Cold Brew, White MochaToasted1 Serving190180180
Cotton CandyBlended1 Serving950730500
Double Chocolate Dutch CocoaHot1 Serving700580460
Double Rainbro TeaIced1 Serving27018090
Double RainbroBlended1 Serving570430260
Double RainbroHot1 Serving909090
Double RainbroIced1 Serving390250200
Double TortureBlended1 Serving880670470
Double TortureHot1 Serving530460340
Double TortureIced1 Serving450360240
Dutch Freeze, CaramelizerBlended1 Serving990780560
Dutch Freeze, CocomoBlended1 Serving540
Dutch Freeze, Golden EagleBlended1 Serving780580
Dutch Frost, StrawberryBlended1 Serving890670460
Electric Berry Dutch SodaIced1 Serving400310220
Electric Berry LemonadeBlended1 Serving610470330
Electric Berry LemonadeIced1 Serving290240180
Electric BerryBlended1 Serving580420260
Electric BerryIced1 Serving390240190
Glacier Peak RebelBlended1 Serving490350300
Golden Eagle ChaiHot1 Serving730620500
Golden Eagle ChaiIced1 Serving650520410
Golden Eagle Dutch FreezeBlended1 Serving1000
Golden EagleBlended1 Serving1000780580
Golden EagleHot1 Serving700620480
Golden EagleIced1 Serving560480340
Green AppleBlended1 Serving780590410
Hazelnut Truffle Hot CocoaHot1 Serving730610490
Hazelnut Truffle MochaHot1 Serving630560440
Hazelnut Truffle MochaIced1 Serving510440320
Intro Infused Cold Brew,KickerIced1 Serving290
KickerBlended1 Serving940730510
KickerHot1 Serving720620460
KickerIced1 Serving640540380
MangoBlended1 Serving780590410
NinjaBlended1 Serving970730500
Nitro Infused Cold Brew, AnnihilatorIced1 Serving270
Nitro Infused Cold Brew, AnnihilatorToasted1 Serving180
Nitro Infused Cold Brew, CaramelizerIced1 Serving220
Nitro Infused Cold Brew, CaramelizerToasted1 Serving220
Nitro Infused Cold Brew, KickerToasted1 Serving190
Nitro Infused Cold Brew, NitroIced1 Serving20
Not So Hot Hot CocoaHot1 Serving330
Og GummybearIced1 Serving390290210
Palm Peach LemonadeBlended1 Serving620480
Palm Peach LemonadeIced1 Serving190
Palm PeachBlended1 Serving340
Palm PeachIced1 Serving300240
PassionfruitHot1 Serving808080
PassionfruitIced1 Serving24016080
Peach SmoothieBlended1 Serving900680470
Peach TeaIced1 Serving300200100
PeachBlended1 Serving620450270
PeachHot1 Serving100100100
PeachIced1 Serving420260210
Peppermint Bliss Cold BrewIced1 Serving220210210
Peppermint Bliss FreezeBlended1 Serving930730530
Picture PerfectBlended1 Serving970770570
Salted Caramel BreveHot1 Serving680600450
Salted Caramel Hot CocoaHot1 Serving700580460
Shark AttackBlended1 Serving660500340
Shark AttackIced1 Serving470320270
Strawberry LemonadeBlended1 Serving470
Strawberry PineappleBlended1 Serving610470330
Strawberry PineappleIced1 Serving290230180
Strawberry SmoothieBlended1 Serving660500350
Strawberry TeaHot1 Serving808080
Strawberry TeaIced1 Serving24016080
StrawberryBlended1 Serving610330
StrawberryIced1 Serving290230180
Tiger’s BloodBlended1 Serving610470330
Tiger’s BloodIced1 Serving290240180
TropicalHot1 Serving909090
TropicalIced1 Serving26017080
Unicorn BloodIced1 Serving420320230
Vanilla ChaiHot1 Serving490410330
Vanilla ChaiIced1 Serving450350280
Vanilla Dutch CocoaHot1 Serving680560440
WatermelonIced1 Serving390290210
White Chocolate Chai LatteHot1 Serving520440360
White Chocolate Chai LatteIced1 Serving480380310
White Chocolate Dutch CocoaHot1 Serving710590470
White Chocolate Dutch FrostBlended1 Serving760
White ChocolateBlended1 Serving1000520
WildberryBlended1 Serving900680470
Dutch Bros Calories

Hazelnut Truffle Mocha

  • Hot
    • Small (12 oz): 440 calories.
    • Medium (16 oz): 560 calories.
    • Large (20 oz): 630 calories.
  • Iced
    • Small (16 oz): 320 calories.
    • Medium (24 oz): 510 calories.
    • Large (32 oz): 510 calories.

Golden Eagle

  • Golden Eagle Breve, Hot
    • Small (12 oz): 550 calories.
    • Medium (16 oz): 410 calories.
    • Large (20 oz): 700 calories.
  • Golden Eagle Breve, Iced
    • Small (16 oz): 470 calories.
    • Medium (24 oz): 550 calories.
    • Large (32 oz): 640 calories.
  • Golden Eagle Breve, Blended
    • Small (16 oz): 580 calories.
    • Medium (24 oz): 780 calories.
    • Large (32 oz): 930 calories.

Cold Brew

  • Plain Cold Brew: 20 calories.
  • Cold Brew with Cream: 110 calories
  • Cold Brew with Sweetener: 80 calories

Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew

  • Small (16 oz): 300 calories.
  • Medium (24 oz): 400 calories 
  • Large (32 oz): 500 calories 

Famous Dutch Bros Drinks Calories

  • Medium Dutch Latte has around 152 calories. These calories come from the milk (which includes fats and sugars) and the espresso, which has minimal calories​.
  • A medium Caramelizer contains 460 calories. The calories primarily come from the caramel sauce, chocolate milk, and whipped cream, contributing significant amounts of sugar and fat​.
  • Plain cold brew has about 20 calories. These calories mainly come from the natural oils and compounds extracted from the coffee beans during brewing​.
  • A large Golden Eagle Freeze can reach up to 1000 calories. These calories come from the blended coffee, caramel sauce, vanilla syrup, and whipped cream, adding sugar and fat​.
  • Iced green tea with sugar-free syrup has less than 10 calories. The minimal calories are primarily from the tea leaves and trace elements in the water.
  • A medium Mango Smoothie has around 590 calories. The calories come from the fruit puree, sugars, and sweeteners used in the mixture.
  • Electric Berry has around 240 calories. The calories come from the syrups and flavorings added to create the berry taste.

Tips for Ordering Low-Calorie Drinks

When ordering low-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros, you can make a few simple adjustments to keep the calories down. 

  • First, opt for sugar-free syrups instead of regular ones to cut down on the sugar and calories in your drink. 
  • Next, choose non-fat milk or plant-based options like almond milk, which are lower in calories compared to whole milk. 
  • And, avoid high-calorie toppings such as whipped cream or sauces, which can add unnecessary calories to your beverage. By making these small changes, you can enjoy your favorite drinks without consuming too many calories.

Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks Calories

  • Coffee Drinks:
    • Dutch Bros: A medium Dutch Latte has about 152 calories.
    • Starbucks: A similar-sized Caffè Latte at Starbucks has around 190 calories.
    • Difference: Starbucks lattes generally have more calories due to larger standard milk servings.
  • Cold Brew:
    • Dutch Bros: A medium Cold Brew has about 20 calories.
    • Starbucks: A grande Cold Brew has about 5 calories.
    • Difference: Both are low-calorie, but Starbucks has slightly fewer calories due to less milk or cream.
  • Blended Drinks:
    • Dutch Bros: A large Golden Eagle Freeze can have up to 1000 calories.
    • Starbucks: A Venti Caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream has about 470 calories.
    • Difference: Dutch Bros blended drinks are higher in calories, often due to larger sizes and richer ingredients.
  • Teas:
    • Dutch Bros: Medium iced green tea with sugar-free syrup has less than 10 calories.
    • Starbucks: A grande Iced Green Tea has 0 calories if unsweetened.
    • Difference: Both offer low-calorie options, but unsweetened teas at Starbucks have zero calories.
  • Smoothies:
    • Dutch Bros: A medium Mango Smoothie has around 590 calories.
    • Starbucks: A grande Strawberry Banana Smoothie has about 300 calories.
    • Difference: Starbucks smoothies tend to have fewer calories due to their smaller size and different ingredients.
  • Specialty Drinks:
    • Dutch Bros: A medium Picture Perfect drink has about 770 calories.
    • Starbucks: A Venti Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino has about 590 calories.
    • Difference: Specialty drinks at Dutch Bros can be higher in calories due to richer toppings and ingredients.


The calorie counts for Dutch Bros Protein Coffee range from 280 calories for a small Salted Caramel Protein Latte up to 430 calories for a large Salted Caramel Protein Mocha, depending on the drink type and size.

A medium Latte typically contains about 310 calories. This can vary slightly depending on customization options such as the type of milk or added flavors.

The calorie content of Dutch Bros coffee drinks can vary widely, from around 100 calories for a small non-fat latte up to 380 calories for a large mocha, depending on the type, size, and any additional ingredients.

Dutch Bros provides calorie information for their drinks on their website. Customers can check the calorie counts for different drink sizes and types to customize their order based on their dietary needs.

One of the lowest-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros is an Americano, which has about 5 calories per 12-ounce serving. Another low-calorie option is cold brew, which has around 20 calories per 12-ounce serving​​.

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