Dutch Bros Frost Menu with Prices 2024

If you’re a fan of indulgent, creamy, and ice-cold beverages, Dutch Bros Frost is the perfect choice. It is a delightful frozen beverage that combines the smooth, creamy texture of a milkshake with the refreshing flavors of a slushie. 

These frozen drinks come in a variety of delicious flavors, from classic vanilla and chocolate to more unique options like Rebel Energy.

Dutch Bros Frost prices vary from $3.50 to $5.50, depending on the size and any extra options. Each medium-sized frost is priced at $6.59 and offers a unique blend of flavors, from fruity to nutty combinations.

Here is the list of Dutch Bros Frost menu with prices for 2024.

Frost ItemsSizePriceDescription
Strawberry Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Strawberry syrup blended with whipped cream.
Ninja Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Creme de Menthe syrup, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream.
White Chocolate Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate sauce blended with whipped cream.
Cotton Candy Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blue raspberry syrup, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream.
Birthday Cake Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Almond roca syrup, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, confetti sprinkles.
Unicorn Blood Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Strawberry, white chocolate, almond.
Passion Water Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Passion fruit, watermelon.
Red, White and Blue Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Raspberry, blue raspberry, white chocolate.
Ray of Sunshine Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blackberry, peach, grapefruit.
Pink Flamingo Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Peach, strawberry, white chocolate.
Peach Ring Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate, passion fruit, peach drizzle.
Peach Cobbler Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate, peach, chocolate macadamia nut.
Almond Bar Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate and almond.
Palm Tree Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Pomegranate, passion fruit, lime.
Snickerdoodle Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate with cinnamon sprinkles.
Palm Beach Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Pomegranate and peach.
Orangesicle Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Orange and vanilla.
OG Gummybear Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, grapefruit.
Nutty Irishman Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Irish cream and hazelnut.
Rocky Point Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blackberry, peach, coconut, orange.
Stop Light Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Pomegranate, passion fruit, kiwi.
Starry Night Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blue raspberry and blackberry.
Midnight Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blackberry and pomegranate.
Sweet Sunrise Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Peach, passion fruit, orange banana.
The Bob Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Banana, coconut, dark chocolate.
Toasted Mellow Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Vanilla and chocolate macadamia nut.
Tricky Tre Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Orange and peach.
Trifecta Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate.
Trixie Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Almond, orange, pomegranate.
Tuxedo Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate and dark chocolate.
Vanilla Bean Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Vanilla, chocolate macadamia nut.
Wallaby Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Chocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate, caramel drizzle.
White Angel Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate, coconut, vanilla.
White Zombie Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate and vanilla.
Molten Lava Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Cinnamon and dark chocolate.
Marmalade Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Strawberry, orange, grapefruit.
Aquaberry Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Strawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, watermelon.
Eclipse Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Peach, passion fruit with blackberry and blue raspberry drizzle.
Astronaut Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blackberry, raspberry, almond.
Banana Bread Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Banana and hazelnut.
Banana Cream Pie Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Banana and white chocolate.
Banana Split Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Vanilla, banana, dark chocolate.
Bubblegum Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Banana, strawberry, vanilla.
Cake Batter Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Almond roca and white chocolate.
Cookie Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate and chocolate macadamia nut.
Coral Reef Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Orange, vanilla with blue raspberry drizzle.
Dinosaur Egg Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blue raspberry with strawberry, white chocolate, and almond drizzle.
Dragon Slayer Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Raspberry, blue raspberry with blackberry drizzle.
Dream Weaver Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Hazelnut and white chocolate.
Dutch Canyon Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59White chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut with caramel drizzle.
Dutch Mojito Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Coconut, lime, creme de menthe.
Fire Lizard Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Strawberry, banana, and orange.
Majestic Forest Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blackberry, blue raspberry, and kiwi.
Flat Jack Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla.
Freedom Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Vanilla with blueberry and raspberry drizzle.
Funky Monkey Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Banana and dark chocolate.
Galaxy Fish Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Strawberry, lime, and passion fruit.
Gem Berry Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Blackberry, vanilla, and raspberry.
German Chocolate Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Caramel, coconut, and dark chocolate.
Grasshopper Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Creme de menthe and dark chocolate.
Gummy Bear Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Kiwi, lime, and white chocolate.
Hawaiian Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Banana, orange, peach, and strawberry.
Hyperchrome Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Orange, passion fruit, and pomegranate.
Irie Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Banana and coconut.
Islander Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Chocolate macadamia nut, coconut, and vanilla.
Jelly Donut Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Salted caramel, raspberry, and almond.
Laser Cat Dutch Frost (Medium)Medium$6.59Raspberry and coconut.

Frost Flavours

Some popular flavors of Frosts at Dutch Bros include:

  • Vanilla: A classic, creamy flavor that’s always perfect.
  • Chocolate: Rich and smooth, perfect for chocolate lovers.
  • Strawberry: Sweet and fruity, a refreshing option.
  • Oreo: A blend of cookies and cream that’s both crunchy and creamy.
  • Peach: A light and fruity flavor, great for a summer treat.
  • Cotton Candy: Fun and sweet, a favorite among kids and those with a sweet tooth.

Customizing Your Frost

One of the best things about Dutch Bros is the ability to customize your drink items as per your choice. You can add whipped cream, extra flavors, or even mix different flavors to create your unique Frost.

Here are a few famous add-ons you can use to customize your Frost Drinks:

  • Whipped Cream: $0.50
  • Extra Flavor Shot: $0.50
  • Almond/Soy/Coconut Milk: $0.50

Dutch Bros Frost Calories

Frost Calories vary depending on the size and specific ingredients used.

  • A small Frost has 352 calories, a medium Frost has approximately 527 calories, and a large Frost contains 703 calories.
SizeServing Size (g)Calories (cals)
Dutch Bros Frost Calories

Frost Nutrition

Frost drinks are not just high in calories; they also contain various nutrients. Typically, a Frost will have a significant amount of sugar and fat due to the ice cream and syrups used.

They also provide some protein and carbohydrates. However, the exact nutritional content can vary based on the specific drink and any customizations you choose to make. 

NutrientSmall (454g)Medium (680g)Large (907g)
Calories352 cals527 cals703 cals
Total Fat31g (40% DV)46.4g (60% DV)61.9g (79% DV)
Saturated Fat26g (130% DV)38.9g (195% DV)51.9g (260% DV)
Total Carbs71g (26% DV)106g (39% DV)142g (52% DV)
Net Carbs71g106g142g
Total Sugars65g97g130g
Protein7g (14% DV)10g (21% DV)14g (28% DV)
Cholesterol26mg (9% DV)39mg (13% DV)52mg (17% DV)
Sodium133mg (6% DV)199mg (9% DV)266mg (12% DV)
Frost Nutrition


Dutch Bros Frost is made by combining various fresh and natural ingredients to create a creamy and flavorful treat. The main ingredients include ice cream, which gives the drink its rich texture. To enhance the taste, syrups, and flavorings are added, which come in a wide range of options. Additionally, the drink often includes ice to achieve the perfect taste. Some variations may also include whipped cream and toppings like sprinkles or chocolate drizzle.

Below is the list of main ingredients that are mainly used.

  • Ice cream or dairy-base
  • Ice
  • Flavored syrups
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Toppings (e.g., sprinkles, chocolate drizzle) (optional)

Dutch Bros Frost Secret Menu

Dutch Bros Frost also has a secret menu Frosts. These secret menus have unique and exciting flavor combinations that are not on the regular menu. Each of these Frosts offers a unique flavor experience, blending delicious ingredients to create a memorable treat. The prices for these secret menu items typically range from $3.49 to $5.99 depending on the size. Some of its secret menu items are given below:

  • Cotton Candy Frost
  • OG Gummy Bear Frost
  • Birthday Cake Frost
  • Ninja Frost 

1- Ninja Frost 

The Dutch Bros Ninja Frost is a minty, creamy drink made of creme de menthe syrup and white chocolate sauce and then topped with whipped cream. The taste is refreshing, with a sweet and minty flavor.

The small (16 oz) size of the Ninja Frost usually costs around $4.50, but the price can be a little different depending on the location.

This frozen drink is high in calories, with a small one containing 421 calories.

Dutch Bros Ninja Frost

2- Cotton Candy Frost

The Cotton Candy Frost is a sweet drink best known for its delicious taste. It is made with blue raspberry syrup and white chocolate, which gives it a delightful and sweet flavor.

This drink is topped with whipped cream, which makes it look nice and is perfect for anyone who loves sweet treats. The price for a Cotton Candy Frost is $3.49 for a small, $3.99 for a medium, and $4.99 for a large.

Dutch Bros Cotton Candy Frost

3- OG Gummy Bear Frost

If you want a fruity and tasty drink at Dutch Bros Frost’s secret menu, then OG Gummy Bear Frost is the best choice. It combines strawberry syrup, kiwi syrup, and white chocolate, which gives a refreshing taste.

The drink has a creamy base and is topped with whipped cream, making it extra indulgent. Prices for the OG Gummy Bear Frost are $4.49 for a small, $4.99 for a medium, and $5.99 for a large.

Dutch Bros OG Gummy Bear Frost

4- Birthday Cake Frost

The Birthday Cake Frost is a special drink on the frost secret menu that makes every gathering memorable. It is made with almond roca syrup, and white chocolate, and topped with colorful sprinkles.

Its flavor is very similar to a Funfetti birthday cake – rich and buttery, just like a delicious slice of cake. The price for a Birthday Cake Frost typically ranges from $3.49 for a small, $3.99 for a medium, and $4.99 for a large.

Dutch Bros Birthday Cake Frost

Seasonal and limited-time Frosts

They frequently offer seasonal and limited-time Frosts, which bring exciting new flavors to their menu for a short period. These limited-time offerings are popular among customers who enjoy trying new and unique flavor combinations.

Customizing Option

At Dutch Bros, you can customize your Frost to create a unique and personalized drink. One popular way to customize is by adding espresso shots for an extra caffeine kick. This is perfect for those who want a delicious blend of ice cream and coffee in one drink. 

You can also enhance your Frost with extra drizzles and toppings, such as caramel, chocolate, or fruit drizzles, and whipped cream, which add extra flavor and visual appeal. Another fun option is layering different syrups to create visually striking and flavorful combinations​.


You can request reduced sugar options, avoid extra drizzles, or use non-dairy milk alternatives for a lighter drink.

A popular secret menu Frost is the Ninja Frost, made with white chocolate and crème de menthe.

A small Frost costs about $3.49, a medium is $3.99, and a large is around $4.99, varying by location.

Yes, Dutch Bros often features seasonal and limited-time Frosts with new and exciting flavors.

Yes, you can add espresso shots, extra drizzles, toppings, and layer different flavors to customize your Frost.

Dutch Bros offers flavors like Oreo, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

A Dutch Bros Frost is a creamy, milkshake-like drink made with an ice cream mix, popular with both kids and adults.

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