Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Dutch Bros Gift Cards

Dutch Bros offers gift cards for birthdays, holidays, or to share the love of coffee and specialty drinks with your dear ones. Here you will get all the information about Dutch Bros gift cards, from buying to checking your balance, so you can easily treat your friends, family, or even yourself to a delicious coffee experience.

Here is the list of all Dutch Bros available Gift Cards and their prices:

Gift Card with Mother’s Day Holder$15.00
Gift Card with Graduation Holder$15.00
$15 Dutch Bros Gift Card$15.00
$20 Dutch Bros Gift Card$20.00
$25 Dutch Bros Gift Card$25.00
$50 Dutch Bros Gift Card$50.00
$100 Dutch Bros Gift Card$100.00
$5 Gift Cards (3-pack)$15.00
$10 Gift Cards (2-pack)$20.00
Dutch Bros Gift Card

Types of Gift Card

Dutch bros have both Physical as well as Digital Gift cards for their customers.

Physical Gift Cards:

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These are traditional plastic cards that you can purchase physically to keep in your pocket or give to your friends. You can purchase them from any Dutch Bros location or online store. It costs between $5 and $100, and each card has different features.

Digital Gift Cards:

These are e-gift cards. These virtual cards can be purchased online and sent directly to your friend’s email or WhatsApp. You can also print a digital card to use or display the QR code on your device when purchasing coffee items.

How to Purchase Dutch Bros Gift Cards?

Dutch Bros gift cards are available for purchase both in-store at any Dutch Bros Coffee stand, where you can ask the barista for assistance. You can also buy it online through the Dutch Bros website.

Online options include both physical and digital gift cards, offering flexibility in selecting the card type and denomination to suit your preferences.

Price Options

Dutch Bros has different prices for their gift cards. You can choose from these amounts:

  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100

Each price has different features and offers.

Special Designs

Dutch Bros changes their gift card looks a lot. It matches the seasons and special events like Christmas or birthdays. Sometimes they make special cards that you can’t get for long. These are great for people who love collecting stuff.

Dutch Bros Gift Card

How to use Gift Cards?

Whether you purchase or get a Gift card from your friend, you can use the following methods:

  • In-store: Give your card to the person at the counter. They’ll scan it, and you can enjoy your drink!
  • On the app: Add your card details to the Dutch Bros app. Then, when you order, choose the gift card as your payment. It’s an Easy option.

How to Check Gift Card Balance?

You can check out your Gift Card balance online, through APP or by visiting their physical outlet.

  1. Online:
    • Visit the Dutch Bros website.
    • Enter card details.
    • Click ‘Check Balance.’
  2. App:
    • Open the Dutch Bros app.
    • Go to the gift card section.
    • Enter card details.
    • Tap ‘Check Balance.’
  3. In-store:
    • Visit the Dutch Bros store.
    • Ask staff to check the balance.
    • Hand over your card.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Before you start using your Dutch Bros gift card, make sure to check out their terms and conditions mentioned below:

Usage Policies:

  • Where to Use: Your Dutch Bros gift card works at any Dutch Bros store.
  • Expiration: It doesn’t expire.
  • No Reselling: You can’t sell or give away your card.

Promotions and Discounts:

  • Using for Deals: You can use your card to buy drinks, but not with any other deal.
  • Watch for Limits: Sometimes, there are rules about using gift cards for discounts.


The minimum amount to load on a Dutch Bros gift card is $5.

No, Dutch Bros gift cards do not expire and have no fees.

Yes, you can check your Dutch Bros gift card balance by visiting any Dutch Bros location and asking a barista to check it for you.

You can purchase Dutch Bros gift cards at any Dutch Bros location or online at the Dutch Bros website.

Yes, Dutch Bros gift cards can be used at any Dutch Bros location in the United States.

Dutch Bros does not replace lost or stolen gift cards. Treat your card like cash and keep it in a safe place.

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