Dutch Bros Tea Menu (July 2024)

Dutch bros tea menu items include organic green tea, lemonade tea, green lemonades, and Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. These teas are infused with any flavor like Aquaberry Strawberry, Kiwi, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and more.

According to Google Trend 2023, the most searched team menu is organic tea in Florida (a state in the US). The price for organic green tea at Dutch Bros is $3.50.

Some of the most popular tea flavors at Dutch Bros include Horchata Chai, Passion Fruit, Tropical Tea, Marmalade tea, Green Tea Lemonade, Sweet Sunrise tea, and Dutch Mojito tea.

The most expensive tea item at Dutch Bros is the Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea, which costs $5.25 for a small, $4.50 for a medium, and $5.25 for a large size.

The least expensive tea item at Dutch Bros is the small Dutch Tea, a flavored tea priced at $1.75.

Below is the list of the latest Dutch Bros tea menu with prices for 2024.

Menu ItemsSizePriceDescription
Double Rainbro Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Strawberry, peach, coconut. Double Rainbro and double the yum! Green or Paris black tea. Available hot or iced.
Peach Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Peach syrup in green or Paris black tea. Simple and refreshing. Available hot or iced!
Passion Fruit Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Passion fruit syrup in green or Paris black tea. Blissfully refreshing. Available hot or iced!
Strawberry Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Strawberry syrup in Paris black or green tea. Sweet and delicious. Available iced or hot!
Tropical Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Passion fruit, coconut, blue raspberry. Tropical flavors in green or Paris black tea. Available hot or iced!
Ray of Sunshine Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Blackberry, peach, grapefruit. A burst of sunshine in your tea.
Orangesicle Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Orange, vanilla. A delightful combination of orange and vanilla in your tea.
Palm Beach Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Pomegranate and peach.
Palm Tree Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Pomegranate, passion fruit, lime.
Passion Water Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Passion fruit, watermelon.
Starry Night Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Blue raspberry, blackberry.
Rocky Point Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Blackberry, peach, coconut, orange.
Midnight Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Blackberry pomegranate.
Stop Light Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Pomegranate, passion fruit, kiwi.
Sweet Sunrise Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Peach, passion fruit, orange, banana.
Tricky Tre Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Orange, peach.
Trixie Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Almond, orange, pomegranate.
OG GummyBear Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, grapefruit.
Aquaberry Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Strawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, watermelon.
Astronaut Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Blackberry, raspberry, almond.
Galaxy Fish Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Strawberry, lime, passion fruit.
Decaf Ceylon Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79
Dragon Slayer Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Raspberry, blue raspberry with blackberry drizzle.
Dutch Mojito Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Coconut, lime, creme de menthe.
Eclipse Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Peach, passion fruit with blackberry, blue raspberry drizzle.
Fire Lizard Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Strawberry, banana, orange.
Freedom Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Vanilla with blue raspberry, raspberry drizzle.
Gem Berry Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Blackberry, vanilla, raspberry.
Majestic Forest Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Blackberry, blue raspberry, kiwi.
Green Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Citrus ginkgo green tea.
Green Tea Lemonade (Medium)Medium$4.79
Hawaiian Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Banana, orange, peach, strawberry.
Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79
Hyperchrome Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Orange, passion fruit, pomegranate.
Irie Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Banana, coconut.
Laser Cat Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Raspberry, coconut.
Marmalade Tea (Medium)Medium$4.79Strawberry, orange, grapefruit.
Dutch Bros Tea

Horchata Chai

Dutch Bros’ Iced Horchata Chai is a delightful and flavorful tea choice that offers a unique and satisfying taste chai lovers.

It is made with milk, Oregon chai, chocolate sauces, cinnamon syrup, and caramel.

Combining these ingredients offers a warm and comforting chai tea, perfect for those looking for nutty and spicy flavors and it does not contain any caffeine content.

The cost of Horchata Chai at Dutch Bros depends on the size and location:

  • Small: $3.00
  • Medium: $3.50
  • Large: $4.50

Passion Fruit Tea

Dutch Bros’ Passion Fruit tea is a delightful and must-try choice at Dutch Bros, which is best for those looking for a fruity and tropical taste.

Dutch Bros offers Passion Fruit tea with passion fruit flavor, while other teas like Passion Water Tea (with watermelon and passion fruit) and Tropical Tea offer fruity and tropical tastes.

The small-sized Passion Fruit tea at Dutch Bros contains 80 calories. This tea is high in sugar, containing 36 grams of sugar per serving.

The price of a medium-sized Passion Fruit tea is around $4.79.

Marmalade Tea

The next most famous and delicious tea choice at dutch bros is Marmalade tea

It is prepared by using zesty, fruity, and floral flavors of orange, ruby red grapefruit, and sweet strawberry

This tea is great for people who enjoy flavors of passion tea, lemonade, or other citrus drinks. It’s vegan and can be ordered without whipped cream to suit a vegan diet.

The price of a small Marmalade tea is around $4.20 and a medium-sized Marmalade tea at Dutch Bros contains 80 calories but it may vary depending on size and location.

Green Tea Lemonade

Green Tea Lemonade of Dutch Bros is the most famous, and best-selling item that is known for its sweetness and tangy taste.

It is made by using fresh ingredients including green tea, lemonade, and a sweetener like granulated sugar, honey, or simple syrup. 

These ingredients may differ depending on the specific recipe or the particular Dutch Bros location.

The cost of a small Green Tea Lemonade at Dutch Bros is approximately $3.15, while a medium-sized Green Tea Lemonade is around $4.79.

A 24 oz serving size of Green Tea Lemonade contains 70 calories but it may vary depending on ingredients and location. 

Dutch Mojito Tea

Dutch Bros’ Mojito tea is a special and delicious drink with a sweet and tangy flavor.

It is the perfect mixture of cucumber, watermelon, and lime, offering a delightful and refreshing taste that makes it popular before the customer’s

This beloved sweet and tangy drink is a favorite among Dutch Bros tea selections, available in both iced and blended versions.

The price of a small Dutch Mojito Tea at Dutch Bros is approximately $3.5, while a medium-sized Dutch Mojito Tea is around $4.79.

A small (16 fl. oz) Dutch Bros Dutch Mojito Frost contains 387 calories, whereas a large serving of Iced Dutch Mojito Tea contains 240 calories.

Earl Grey Tea

If you want something different and special for your dining, then Earl Grey Tea is the best choice for you.

It is made by using natural constituents including black tea that is infused with bergamot oil, giving it a unique citrusy and floral taste.

The Earl Grey Tea is available in different sizes such as small, medium, and large. 

The cost for a small Dutch Mojito Tea is about $3.00, while a medium-sized Dutch Mojito Tea is around $4.79 but it may vary. This tea is low in calories and the regular serving size contains about 0.7kcal

Sweet Sunrise Tea

For those who want a sweet, fruity, and tasty item on their menu at Dutch Bros, Sweet Sunrise Tea is the best choice for them.

Sweet Sunrise Tea is a refreshing drink and is the perfect combination of peach, passion fruit, orange, and banana flavors.

The cost of a small Sweet Sunrise Tea is approximately $3.00, and a medium-sized Sweet Sunrise Tea is around $4.79.

A small serving of Dutch Bros Coffee Sweet Sunrise Tea has 80 calories per serving.

OG Gummy Bear Paris Tea

One of the most famous, sweet, and delicious drinks at Dutch Bros is OG Gummy Bear Paris Tea.

It’s equally popular among children and adults and combines the flavors of pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, and grapefruit.

A large serving of the OG Gummy Bear Tea contains 80 calories, including 19g of sugars and 20g of total carbohydrates.

The price of the OG Gummy Bear Paris Tea at Dutch Bros is $5.25 for a medium-sized serving.

Rocky Point

Dutch Bros’ other delicious and popular tea is Rocky Point tea, which is known for its flavorful and refreshing taste.

This tea is made by using fresh constituents including black tea, coconut, peach, and orange flavors, creating a tropical fruity taste in your mouth. You can also customize it according to your preferences.

The cost of a small Dutch Bros Rocky Point Tea is $3.25, a medium is $3.60, and a large is $3.95. The Dutch Bros Rocky Point Tea contains 0% fat, 98.5% carbs, and 1.5% protein.

Tropical Tea

This tea is best known for its lively and fruity taste, making it a top choice for anyone looking for a flavorful and vibrating tea experience.

The ingredients in Dutch Bros Tropical Tea include passion fruit, coconut, and blue raspberry.

This tea comes in various sizes and can be customized to different sweetness and flavors that match your personal preferences.

The price for Dutch Bros Tropical Tea for different sizes is as follows:

  • Small: $1.75
  • Medium: $2.25
  • Large: $3.00

A small serving contains 90 calories, while a medium serving contains 170 calories.

Strawberry Iced Tea

Dutch Bros’ Strawberry Iced Tea is a refreshing and fruity delight perfect for warm days. This iced tea contains a mixture of black tea base with sweet strawberry syrup that delivers a vibrant and slightly tart flavor.

It costs around $3.50 for a medium size and has the natural bitter taste of tea, mixed with the sweet flavor of strawberries.

Electric Berry Iced Tea

The Electric Berry Iced Tea is a vibrant and electrifying choice that combines the boldness of blue raspberry and lime flavors with a black tea base. This has a tangy and slightly sweet taste that is both energizing and refreshing.

For approximately $3.50 for a medium, this drink is ideal for those looking to try something new and exciting.

Double Rainbow Iced Tea

Double Rainbow Iced Tea is a delightful mix of strawberry, peach, and coconut syrups that gives a fruity taste in every sip. Priced at around $3.50 for a medium, it’s a popular choice for those who enjoy a sweet and refreshing beverage with a bit of complexity.

This mix of flavors makes a drink that is different from other drinks.

Peach Iced Tea

Dutch Bros’ Peach Iced Tea is a sweet and aromatic beverage. This drink is great for people who like a mild but tasty tea with a fruity twist. 

The special thing about this iced tea is that it has the perfect balance between the bitterness of the tea and the sweetness of the peach syrup.

At approximately $3.50 for a medium, this drink offers a simple yet delightful refreshment, making it a popular choice for peach lovers.

Chai Tea

It is a warm and spiced beverage that’s perfect for those who enjoy a rich, aromatic drink. The classic Chai Tea is a blend of black tea, milk, and a mix of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. It’s smooth, creamy, and has a balanced sweetness with a hint of spice.

Available both hot and iced, this comforting drink can be customized with various milk options or flavor add-ons for extra sweetness or a unique twist. A medium Chai Tea typically costs around $3.75.

  • Classic Chai Tea
  • Vanilla Chai Tea
  • Dirty Chai (Chai Tea with a shot of espresso)
  • Iced Chai Tea

Sugar-Free Tea

For those watching their sugar intake, Dutch Bros offers a selection of sugar-free teas that don’t compromise on flavor. These teas use sugar-free syrups to provide the same great taste with fewer calories. Popular options include sugar-free versions of their fruit-flavored iced teas and traditional teas.

The sugar-free menu ensures that you can enjoy a refreshing drink without the added sugar. Prices generally start at $3.50 for a medium drink.

  • Sugar-Free Strawberry Iced Tea
  • Sugar-Free Peach Iced Tea
  • Sugar-Free Blueberry Iced Tea
  • Sugar-Free Black Tea

Hot Tea

Hot Tea menu is perfect for tea enthusiasts looking for a cozy, warm beverage. They offer a variety of classic teas served hot, including traditional black tea, green tea, and herbal teas.

These hot teas can be enjoyed with add-ins like honey or lemon for extra flavor. A medium hot tea typically costs around $3.00.

  • Hot Black Tea
  • Hot Green Tea
  • Hot Herbal Tea
  • Hot Earl Grey Tea

Secret Tea

The Secret Tea Menu at Dutch Bros has special teas that are not on the regular menu. These special teas are made by combining different syrups and teas to create new flavors.

Some popular secret menu teas are Unicorn Blood Tea (with strawberry, white chocolate, and almond) and Hyperchrome Tea (with orange, passion fruit, and pomegranate). These secret menu teas let you try something new and different.

  • Unicorn Blood Tea
  • Hyperchrome Tea
  • Sweet Sunrise Tea (peach, passion fruit, orange)
  • Galaxy Fish Tea (strawberry, lime, passion fruit)

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