Dutch Bros Golden Eagle Price, Size, Calories

Golden Eagle is a signature drink on the Dutch Bros menu, which consists of espresso, half-and-half, and caramel syrup, covered. A small (12 fl oz) Dutch Bros Golden Eagle Breve contains 550 calories and costs $4.49

When I took a sip of the Golden Eagle, I tasted the sweet caramel first, due to the bold espresso flavor. While the creaminess of the half-and-half made it smooth. Overall, it felt velvety and delightful in my mouth.

Golden Eagle SizesPriceCalories
Small (12 fl oz)$3.001 or $4.4923403
Medium (16 fl oz)3 or (24 fl oz)4$3.501 or $4.9924803
Large (24 fl oz)3 or (32 fl oz)4$4.501 or $5.9925603
Golden Eagle Prices

The price of a Dutch Bros Golden Eagle iced drink is $8.

Nutritional Information

The big Golden Eagle drink at Dutch Bros has around 340 calories including 22 grams of fat, 34 grams of sugar, and 10 grams of protein. It also has 150mg of caffeine, which can give you enough energy. If you’re allergic to dairy or can’t handle lactose, be careful because the half-and-half has milk and cream.

Calories340 cal.
Dairy AllergiesContains
Golden Eagle Nutritional Information


Golden Eagle is always on the menu at Dutch Bros, no matter the season, and you can get it at any of their outlets. While prices can be different depending on where you are, usually, a big one costs about $5.50.

Dutch Bros often has special offers and discounts, so keep an eye on their website or social media to catch any deals on this favorite drink.

Customization Options

While the Golden Eagle is a special drink at Dutch Bros, you can customize it however you like.

You can ask for more or less caramel syrup, choose a different type of milk, or add another shot of espresso. If you want a drink with fewer calories, you can get a “skinny” version by using non-dairy milk instead of half-and-half.

Comparison to Other Dutch Bros Drinks

Mostly people talk about the Golden Eagle and Dutch Bros Caramelizer. Both of these items have caramel syrup, but the Caramelizer is thicker because it’s made with breve (half-and-half and espresso). While the Golden Eagle is iced and more refreshing.

If you like a stronger coffee taste, go for the Golden Eagle. But if you want something richer and more indulgent, the Caramelizer might be your pick.


Golden Eagle is a signature drink at Dutch Bros, made with espresso, half-and-half, and caramel syrup, topped with a drizzle of caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt.

A large Golden Eagle contains approximately 340 calories.

Yes, you can customize your Golden Eagle by asking for adjustments to the amount of caramel syrup, the type of milk used, or even adding an extra shot of espresso

Pricing varies by location, but on average, a large Golden Eagle costs around $5.50

No, the Golden Eagle is not part of the Dutch Bros secret menu. It is a regular menu item

Dutch Bros often runs promotions and discounts, so it’s worth checking their website or social media for any deals on the Golden Eagle

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